DT got the talent to make 2013 memorable

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Dt Who real name is Danton Hudson was Born in Saint louis, MO. At the Age of 12 he begin his lyrical path by attempting his first ever rap battle. after a Shame for lost in that Field. He choice to not be a battler but a artist. He Started his own Group Dem Fresh Guyz in 2002 but the name slow switched from that to DOPE FLOW GANG. As the CEO of the gang Dt has gather other local artist to his connection. Dropping Mixtapes like Da introduction was a Big hit for him Online but his City Saint Louis has a different Vibe of Musik. So it was not Promoted as it should have been in the Streets. Dt later in 2011 Dropped three Back to back Mixtapes on DATPIFF.COM. “Cold season 1, 2, AND cold season 2.5. With blogs and Internet views all over his Punchlines people quickly said he was a Talented Kid. But his unprofessional Sounds and studio was always his set back. Dropping the next Mixtape Fresh thoughtz was not expected to do the numbers that it Did. With over 2.5K views on Datpiff.com he was more Shocked Then EVER…with his Lyrical ability , dangerous punchlines, and Fitting Voice. He attracts labels, show host, and even radio stations. But Dt refuses to fully hit Spot lite until is life and family is on Track. With His First Single to Ever Coming out Chopp it Up Ft young Preach from ATM. He says now “2013 is his year” So He is non stop working on his Up coming Mixtape #WESTBOIDT.. “Much more to Do” he Says.. Gotta Love em

New Blogger Kevin Lee

Good afternoon everyone and I will be your new blogger for shoot4thestars and I am excited to bring you new, sports, entertainment and everything else I possibly can! First I want to thank Freezy for giving me this opportunity to do this and hopefully we can make this into something greater than it already was! So thank you again and get ready for good blogs, videos and whatever else comes to my mind. WE SHOOTING 4 THE STARS


The NFL season gets underway tonight as the New York Giants set to defend their title as Super Bowl champions against the Dallas Cowboys.  While the Cowboys have a few notable injuries, I expect both quarterbacks to light it up tonight with Eli and the Giants prevailing in a close 27-23 game.

The matchup that has my attention this week is, of course, the Lions/Rams game.  Detroit looks to show the world that last year was no fluke, while St. Louis hopes to see some positive results for their off-season moves.  The Rams brought in a lot of new faces, notably head coach and defensive specialist Jeff Fisher and his corner Cortland Finnegan – who both came over from the Tennessee Titans.  The hope is Fisher can come in and provide a spark for a relatively young group of players.

Detroit will be starting the season with two major players missing from their backfield.  Louis Delmas and Chris Houston will be on the sideline due to injuries, which gives draft pick Bill Bentley a chance to shine.  I don’t expect the injuries to hamper Detroit too much this week as St. Louis had a hard enough time getting the ball out to their receivers in the past.  This season should be no different.  Steven Jackson will again be the main focal point and stopping him will be the key to victory.

My prediction is a Detroit blowout with Matt Stafford and Megatron hooking up twice – final score: DET 31 – STL 14

RULE’s Reviews


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Today we have a post from a special guest blogger, RULE.  RULE is a 30-year-old battle rapper from the UK and is a respected head moderator at LetsBeef.com. He’s gained notoriety from his ability to construct some of the most ferocious/wittiest punchlines people have ever heard, so he may come off as very hard to impress in that aspect.  “I got into Hip Hop heavily during the Deathrow / Bad Boy era so I MAY be slightly partial to artists from that time frame.  Just remember that opinions are like cave-ins and gold.. only mine matters.”  With that said, I’ll let RULE take it from here…

Rating System

1-4: Terrible in terms of quality and/or content
5: Passable song
6: Solid track
7: Very good track
8: Bordering on great
9: Great track
10: Absolutely exceptional


I usually pick the most poignant or lyrical line or two from the album artist. Sometimes for its creativity, sometimes for its impact or personal nature.  I usually struggle to choose from many quotable per track.  And it can often come down to a line I just have an infinity for.

Lets begin.

2Pac - All Eyez On Me

The Backstory

In 1996, 2Pac come out of prison straight into a recording studio with an unstoppable fire in his stomach and a freshly written recording contract with Death Row Records.  2Pac had been considered one of Hip Hop’s elite performers at this time, with his last album: ‘Me Against The World’ going multi-platinum and being a billboard number one selling album.  Whereas MATW was an introspective album, touching on many sensitive subjects such as domestic abuse (Can U Get Away) and a mans love for his mother (Dear Mama), AEOM was much more in the vein of a “Gangtsa Rap” album.  This was one of 2Pac’s many evolutions over his too-short career, as AEOM saw told the story of his journey from Street Poet, to the king of Thug Life.

The Album: Details

The album was released as a two-disc double LP, with production handled mostly by Daz Dillinger and Johnny J.  The album had many guest stars, with 2Pac’s crew – The Outlawz, providing most of them.  Dr Dre features as a rapper once and provides two beats for the album, this being the only time he was able to appear with 2Pac on a studio album.  The album had 27 tracks in total, and spawned 5 official singles.  The album eventually went 9x Platinum, and is widely considered one of the greatest ever.

The Album: Track-by-Track Review

(1) Ambitionz Az A Ridah

- Produced by Daz, a rather low-key album opener.  Street production with 2Pac’s usual lyrical skill leads to a solid yet unspectacular track.  7/10

- Quotable: “I’m smokin bomb-ass weed feelin crucial, From player to player, the game’s tight, the feeling’s mutual.”

(2) All About U (Ft Dru Down, Nate Dogg, Yaki Kadafi, Hussein Fatal & Snoop Dogg)

- Released as a single, this track has since become a hip hop classic.  Johnny J production, 2Pac rides the first two verses before the guests handle the third.  Nate Dogg lays a typical hook whilst Snoop wraps things up on the outro.  8/10

- Quotable: “You probably crooked as the last trick, wanna laugh at how I got my ass caught up with this bad bitch, Thinkin I had her but she had me in the long run, It’s just my luck I’m stuck with fuckin with the wrong one!”

(3) Skandalouz (Ft Nate Dogg)

- Another Daz west coast beat, 2Pac and Nate do their usual thing on the subject of scandalous females.  Solid west coast funk track.  7/10

- Quotable: “I’d probably be sprung, addicted to the heat of her tongue and though I don’t where we’re goin, she’s makin me come

(4) Got My Mind Made Up (Ft Tha Dogg Pound & Method Man & Redman)

- A more east coast sounding production by Daz than usual, the guest all bring solid verses but 2Pac’s infectious delivery leaves him as the victor in this display of coast unity.  7/10

- Quotable: “So mandatory my elevation my lyrics like orientation, So you can be more familiar with the nigga you facing.”

(5) How Do You Want It (Ft K-Ci & JoJo)

- Produced by Johnny J, this has a laid back street feel to it, with 2Pac on the hunt for female attention.  Good R&B hook, 2Pac rides the beat perfectly.  This was also released as a single, another solid track.  8/10

- Quotable: “Mr. International, playa with the passport, Just like Aladdin bitch, get you anything you ask for.”

(6) 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted (Ft Snoop Dogg)

- Pac and Snoop play lyrical hot-potato with a back and forth display of west coast swag and bravado.  Released as a single, featuring production from Daz.  8/10

- Quotable: “They wonder how I live, with five shots, Niggaz is hard to kill, on my block.

(7) No More Pain

- One of the more filler-ish tracks on the album.  Production was average and although pretty much all 2Pac verses damn your attention, this track featured some of his more generic ones.  Probably the worst track on the album.  5/10

- Quotable: “Busters shot me five times, real niggaz don’t die.”

(8) Heartz Of Men

- Produced by DJ Quik, this track has that amped production feel to it.  A long spoken word intro from Pac leads into a slick verse.  A basic hook lets the track down a bit.  7/10

- Quotable: “No longer living in fear, my pistol close in hand, Convinced this is my year, like I’m the chosen man

(9) Life Goes On

- This is a more introspective 2Pac, akin to his pre-death row persona.  Thoughtful lyrics over Johnny J’s smooth production.  This encapsulates the perfect mix of Pre-deathrow Pac and current-deathrow production.  9/10

- Quotable: “sayin’ goodbye at the cemetery, tho’ memories fade, I got your name tatted on my arm, so we both ball till’ my dying days

(10) Only God Can Judge Me (Ft 4-Tay)

- Another strong track here with Pac rapping about the negative-attention he’s been subjected to.  4-Tay adds a solid if unspectacular guest verse. Another strong track.  9/10

- Quotable: “And they say it’s the white man I should fear, but it’s my own kind doin all the killin here

(11) Tradin War Stories (Ft Hussein Fatal, EDI Mean, C-Bo & Storm)

- Mick Mosley and Rick Rock lay the beat on another great track.  I’ve always been a little torn on this one, because as nice as the track is, I think it could have been even better if the concept alluded to in the title was followed better by the guests. Pac again outshines the rest.  8/10

- Quotable: “My lyrics are blueprints to money makin

(12) California Love Remix (Ft Dr Dre)

- I’m sure I’m not the only one who absolutely hated the fact that the album version of this track had different production to the single version.  I’ve always strongly disliked this song for that reason.  Listening back in an unbiased way I concede that the track is still good, if not anywhere near as nice as the single version.  The single version scores a ten with me.  7/10

- Quotable: “Bumpin and grindin like a slow jam, it’s west side so you know the row won’t bow down to no man

(13) I Aint Mad At Cha (Ft Danny Boy)

- Another single released from the album, this is a laid back track where Pac addresses people who changed their personas over time.  Daz’s perfect production makes Pac’s nonchalance lyrics impact even more.  8/10

- Quotable: “So many questions, and they ask me if I’m still down, I moved up out of the ghetto, so I ain’t real now?”

(14) What’z Ya Phone # (Ft Danny Boy)

- Last track on disc one, Johnny J on the boards as Pac raps about approaching women.  Two verses with a skit-like third closes this track out way too soon. Catchy hook adds to the song greatly.  7/10

- Quotable: “Yo, let’s stop fakin and be real now. I got a room and a hard on. Still down?”


My next post will consist of a complete review for Disc 2.

Little More About Myself..


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There was a time when it was hard being a Detroit sports fan, and some may argue it still is today.  But in my short twenty three years, I can’t really complain.  When I think about it, I’ve actually been rewarded nicely.  Sure, my teams when through their dry spells

  • the early 2000′s for the Tigers
  • the infamous Matt Millen era for the Lions
  • the recent years of suckage the Pistons have managed to do

and only one championship to reflect on, but like I said, at the end of the day I can’t really complain.

Lets start with the most surprising of the bunch, the Lions.  The Detroit Lions have managed to do a complete turn-around, from their coaching personnel to the expectations we all have going into the season.  The running joke my friends and I used to have was that draft day was my Super Bowl.  Whatever happened during the season didn’t really matter to me, because I already knew the outcome.  The Lions were going to lose, and lose badly.  But when draft day came around, there was always a chance of Detroit learning from their past and rewriting their future with a few good selections.  We all know how that turned out – from 2003 to 2007 (with the exception of 2006) Detroit used their first round pick on a wide receiver (top 10 picks mind you).  I can’t even begin to imagine the thought process in the war room, BUT one of those picks turned out to be Calvin Johnson so all is well.

When you draft like that, its easy to see how a 0-16 season is possible.  Still it was like people couldn’t believe it, and to this day I’ve never received pity like that before.  I could see in people’s eyes, when they found out who I rooted for, they felt bad.  Borderline death in the family-bad.  Who could continue to support a team that would’ve struggled against college competition, with NO WINS?  To them it must have been torture, but to me this was expected.  The Lions had just found a way out of the Jon Kitna situation, and by then the towel had already been thrown in.  How many games did you expect to win with the Culpepper/Orlovsky/Stanton combo as your QB?

In the end, all of the suffering and defeat was necessary.  The terrible draft selections, acquisitions, and personnel moves were needed.  It was necessary to hit rock bottom before anything good was going to come.  And boy did it ever.  We now have a superstar in the making at quarterback, the best receiver on the planet lining up next to him, a functional staff, and the most terrifying defensive line in the game.  You mess around with those four and you’re bound to win a few games.  Last season the Lions won 10 games, and made the playoffs for the first time since 1999.  What will this season bring?

Hello world, Freezy here!!


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First and foremost, I would like you thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog.  For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Freezy - Freeze if you’ve heard my music.  I’m an aspiring hip-hop artist out of the great state of Connecticut, striving to make an impact in today’s society.

Last year I started my ‘Shoot 4 The Stars’ movement in hopes of building a buzz to fuel my music, and to expand my network.  Not everything Nothing has been as easy as one would’ve hoped, but I’ve come to realize that something this worthwhile is not built over-night.  This has been a learning process for me, one that will shape my entire future.  And as I continue to grow – my music will grow with me.  To the left of the page, you will see three of my four mixtapes avail able for your enjoyment.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me along this journey, regardless if you’ve been here since day one or just now jumped on board.  I promise you we have nowhere to go but up!


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